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Tammy James is a VA Accredited Agent that will help you navigate the complex VA application process.

Our mission is to provide personal service to Veterans or surviving spouses of Veterans and their families in order that they receive the maximum benefit they have earned without any unnecessary delays. 

Our VA Process

Having reviewed over 10,000 VA claims, we have honed our client process into an effective and efficient experience for you. You can focus on your health and happiness. We’ll focus on winning your claim. We will navigate the VA process and avoid the common pitfalls that beset so many of our clients. Here’s how we do it.

Step 1 - Review

We gather all the facts of your case, including your VA rating decision, through our intake process. Our agents will review your claim for key details. If we find an actionable error and if we have the capacity to take the case we will accept it.

Step 2 - Representation

We will offer you a contract and explain: how the process works, how long it will take, what evidence we’ll need, and discuss our fee. (The VA requires that a veteran have a current case that can be appealed for veteran by any VA Claim Agent to enter into a fee contract with that veteran.)

Step 3 - VA Claims File

We will request your VA Claims File, or C-File. This is the file with all the evidence the VA has on the your claim. This file is separate from the veteran’s treating VA records.

Step 4 - Client Conference

Our agents will review your c-file with you and determine what claims should be pursued. Then we will formulate a plan to gather information and get you the desired outcome on your VA claim.

Step 5 - Evidence Gathering

Now we will collect all medical evidence needed to prove your claim. This includes service medical records, current private medical records, and obtaining an independent medical opinion when necessary.

Step 6 - Submit Evidence

Once we have all the evidence, we create a brief to highlight the strong evidence for your claim and use the positive evidence to undercut the VA’s negative evidence. We will also highlight faults with the VA treatment of your claim when they exist.

If We Don't Fight For Veterans... Who Will?

We have years of experience helping Veterans develop their medical evidence to support and win claims they are medically and ethically qualified for. Get the supporting medical documentation and independent medical opinions the VA needs to determine eligibility for benefits.

We write and organize all supporting medical evidence with you to give you the best chance for a fast approval.

As one of the country’s leading evidence-based medical consulting firms, we’ve been successfully developing medical evidence to support claims for our clients since 2017.

We Have Helped Thousands of Veterans Like You Increase Their Benefits With Profession Medical Evidence

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