VOICE4VETS is an organization that was founded by Tammy James in 2012 with the aim of providing proper advice and guidance to veterans and their families about the benefits that they are rightfully entitled. She noticed that many veterans were not receiving benefits simply because they were not aware of what they are entitled to. Others, having received decisions from The Department of Veteran Affairs that they were simply not satisfied with the decision and are unaware of the procedure to file an appeal for reconsideration.


Tammy James is a VA Accredited Claim Agent. An accredited individual, or called a "Claims Agent" by VA, is an individual who has passed an extensive back ground check by VA, had character references verified, and passed a comprehensive exam testing one's knowledge of VA laws, rules, regulations, and case law. An actual claims agent is relatively rare. Whether it's an initial claim for service-connected disability, pension, or some other type of benefit, or an appeal.  I'll represent a veteran regardless of where they are in the claims stage. 


Veterans Voice and Vision, INC


Veterans Voice and Vision, INC is a not-for-profit charitable organization whose mission is to provide an avenue for Veterans and their families. Through a portfolio of unique services, events, and advocacy programs, we seek to ensure that our courageous military and that these men and women and their families receive the support they need.


Veterans Voice and Vision, INC is based on developing a proactive relationship with Warriors in order to prevent or mitigate life crisis by holistically addressing issues early and collectively. Veterans Voice and Vision, INC specializes in serving those who served with Benefits, Education, Employment, and Supportive Services.