VA Aid and Attendance Benefits

Awards for Vets Who Need In-Home Assistance

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides benefits to veterans and their surviving spouses when they require assistance with personal needs such as eating, dressing or bathing. This care can be provided at home, in a nursing home or at an assisted living facility. This benefit is a pension, known as the Aid and Attendance pension, and it can make a big difference in the lives of eligible veterans.

However, navigating the application process can be cumbersome and frustrating. Voice 4 Vets, our nationwide claims agents help veterans and their surviving spouses obtain the benefits they need and deserve when they can no longer function independently. From headquarters in Tampa, Florida, they serve veterans from New York to California and everywhere in between.

Qualifying for VA Attendance Benefits

When you call for your free initial consultation, one of our highly trained veterans disability specialists will talk with you about the eligibility criteria for this pension. Many vets are surprised to learn that they can obtain this pension when their impairment is not service-related. The basic eligibility criteria are:

  • You must have been on active duty at least 90 days, with at least one day being during an official time of war. That’s it. You do not have to have seen overseas duty, and you are eligible with any discharge except dishonorable.
  • You (or a surviving spouse) must be unable to drive and therefore housebound You must have a doctor’s certification that you need assistance with at least one activity of daily living such as bathing, grooming or other personal hygiene. Eligible conditions include dementia and blindness.
  • Your assets must be less than the stated threshold. This number can change, and our claims agents can give you the current number. Assets include your and your spouse’s bank accounts, stocks, bonds and retirement accounts. It also includes collectible vehicles, artwork, second homes, time-shares and rental properties. It does not include your house, your car or your personal property.
  • Your countable income — as opposed to assets — must also be below a specific threshold, which we can discuss with you. Essentially, you add up all your ongoing income such as pensions, Social Security, interest and dividends and then subtract all your out-of-pocket medical expenses, including insurance premiums, Medicare premiums, co-pays, and cost of home care or assisted living. It can be challenging to find these expenses, but our specialists can help.
  • What do you receive after this? Your VA Aid and Attendance pension will be the amount of the difference between your countable income and the threshold. For example, if your countable income is $800 and the threshold is $1,000, you will receive $200 monthly.

Get More Information About Aid and Attendance Benefits

There are many forms to complete and questions to answer. Some veterans consult lawyers for assistance. However, we believe that our disability claims agents are your best choice. Call (912)-376-3501 from anywhere in the United States for a free initial consultation, or simply use the online contact form to learn about applying for this pension benefit.