VOICE4VETS and Veterans Voice and Visions serves veterans, their dependents and survivors, in all matters pertaining to veterans' disability benefits and rights. 



Find and link Veterans, dependents and their families with resources



Inform Veterans, dependents and their families of the services and opportunities available



Ensure Veterans, dependents and their families receive the support they have earned



Work with partners at all levels to coordinate care and support for Veterans, dependents and their families

Veteran Benefit Consulting

We can help you understand your medical conditions, which may help you to prepare and file your compensation and pension claim for processing with the Veterans Administration. We can provide you with veteran resources and information that can assist and guide you through each step of the entire process. We can:


  • Help you obtain copies of your military and civilian medical records to include x-ray films, MRI or CT scan reports, laboratory studies, or other diagnostic test results


  • Review and analyze your military and civilian medical records to identify potential compensable symptoms or diagnoses that are recognized by the Veterans Administration and applicable to the Code of Federal Regulations, and supported by your medical records as related to your military service, so that you can use properly worded medical terminology and diagnostic codes for claim submission. This minimizes your chances of claims denial due to errors in medical language and phrasing


  • Review your current medical history, which may help you identify current symptoms or diseases that may have resulted from your prior active military duty, to include environmental exposure during your military service


  • Provide you with medical information related to previously declined medical conditions that may help you decide whether to proceed in an appeals process


  • Assess your current medical record and review current health status, as evidenced by recent diagnostic studies and physical symptoms, which may help you decide whether it is appropriate to pursue a medical increase related to a current service connected condition


  • Help you understand and qualify for Aid and Atendance Benefits



Outreach Services

One-on-one confidential benefit counseling services are available to all veterans and their families.  Resources ranging from enrollment  in the VA Health Care System, applying for disability compensation and establishing education benefits for you and your family.


For Veterans and Their Immediate Family Members We Offer:

  • Career Counseling

  • Skills Assessments

  • Specialized Vocational Workshops

  • Resume Assistance

  • Job Networking & Focus Groups

  • Job Readiness, Life Skills & Occupational Services  

  • Computer Literacy Training

  • Financial Workshop

  • Educational workshops






Denied Claims Assistance

Denied Claims Assistance


Tammy James an Accredited Claims Agents is dedicated to representing veterans to obtain their VA benefits. She is an specialists in recognizing errors, and submitting proper evidence to reverse denied claims.


The Denied VA Claims Program includes:


1. Initial claims evaluation to determine if your claim was incorrectly denied

2. Gather supporting document and evidence to begin the appeals process

3. Monitor your claim through the appeals process and provide personal updates

4. Represent at Board of Appeals if necessary

5. Fees are contigent upon reversal of claim and ONLY PAID WHEN SUCCESSFUL!