Increasing Your VA Disability Rating

                                                                                                                    Service-Connected Disability and the VA Rating System

Your VA Disability Rating

Once the VA determines that you have a service-connected disability, the VA will rate the severity of your disability using a percentage scale from 0 percent to 100 percent. Since your disability may affect your ability to work and earn a living, the rating percentage is designed to compensate you for the average loss of earning capacity caused by your service-connected disability. The higher the rating, the greater the monthly benefit.

You do not have to be totally disabled in order to receive benefits, but you must have at least a 10 percent rating to receive monthly payments and at least a 30 percent rating to qualify for benefits for your dependent spouse, children or parents.

Did Your Disability Worsen?

If you are already receiving compensation for a service-connected disability, remember that you can always pursue a claim to increase your rating percentage if your disability worsens. This is especially true if you are no longer able to work as a result of your service-connected disability.

You should also keep in mind that compensation benefits are payable for injuries or illnesses that were caused or worsened by your service-connected disability. These types of claims, known as secondary service connections, often require medical opinions linking the injury or illness to your existing service-connected disability.

Disability Rating Too Low?

At Voice 4 Vets, our VA-accredited claims agents are thoroughly familiar with the types of medical evidence needed to win your claim. If you have been denied secondary service connection or denied entitlement to individual unemployability, our claims agents can help. Or if you believe your disability rating is simply too low, call for a free consultation to learn how our VA-accredited claims agents can assist you in obtaining the maximum benefits possible.


We Can Help Increase Your VA Disability Rating

Although some vets consult lawyers for help, our VA-accredited claims agents have the specialized knowledge needed to navigate the process of seeking a higher rating, either because it was incorrect or because you became more disabled. No matter where you live, get the assistance you need when seeking an increased rating.

Just call toll free at (912) – 376-3501 to talk with a claims agent or use the online contact form.