Veterans Disability Benefits for
Radiation Exposure

Radiation Exposure Disability Claims

Many veterans throughout history have been exposed to radiation. From the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the U.S. atmospheric nuclear weapons tests in Nevada, veterans and their families harbor the concern that their illnesses are caused by exposure to ionizing radiation (IR).

They’re not the only ones. Other veterans may have been exposed to radiation as well. These include nuclear submariners, veterans of the Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom who were exposed to radiation in many different forms. Some experienced nuclear fallout — a residual radiation hazard from a nuclear explosion — while others worked with radioactive materials. These veterans often feel that radiation has caused their illnesses — especially cancer.

Programs Available to Vets Suffering from Radiation Exposure

The government has heard their concerns. There are special VA programs available for veterans, including proper medical treatment for conditions possibly related to radiation. Unfortunately, gaining access to these programs can be difficult. It can seem almost impossible to do it correctly, especially if you are already struggling with adverse health effects as a result of exposure to radiation.

Get Help With Your Radiation Exposure Claim

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